6. Prepare for the Weather

You’re in Florida. It’s going to be hot, and in the summer, afternoon showers are common.

Bring an extra rain poncho to throw over your stroller to protect your belongings. You might also consider buying a clip-on fan to keep your kids cool while they ride.

7. Look for Designated Stroller Parking

If you want to be able to find your stroller when you get off a ride or out of an attraction, be sure to park it in a designated stroller parking zone.

Leaving your stroller in the middle of a walking path or anywhere that isn’t designated for strollers is a big mistake. If a cast member doesn’t catch you right away, you can bet that they’ll move your stroller somewhere it’s allowed to be before you get back. This can make finding it a challenge.

8. Pack an Easy-to-Carry Bag

While a stroller is great for storing gear while you walk the parks, you don’t want to leave valuables on your stroller while you’re on a ride. You also need to be ready to empty your stroller when you need to fold it down to get on a tram or monorail.

An easy-to-carry backpack or diaper bag is a must in the parks.

9. Park it for Parades

Unless you plan to camp out far in advance, don’t bother trying to push your stroller somewhere to view the parades.

Your child won’t be able to see over the crowds, and you’ll struggle to navigate through packed walkways. Instead, find a nearby designated stroller parking and leave it there while you walk to where you plan to watch the parade.

10. Don’t Panic

If you do come off a ride and find your stroller missing, even though you know you parked it in a designated spot, don’t panic.

Disney is a well-oiled machine, with cast members constantly working to make sure that your experience is perfect. From time to time, cast members may rearrange the stroller parking to make room for more stroller or to keep pathways clear.

Odds are that your stroller is nearby. Check first, then talk to a cast member if you still can’t find yours.

Renting a Stroller in Disney World

Renting a stroller from a third party provider in Disney World is a great way to save yourself the hassle of bringing your own and the pains of renting from the park.

If you’re ready to find the right stroller for your Disney vacation, contact us today with any questions you have, or use our easy availability check to see what options we have available for your dates!