(MCO) Orlando International Airport Stroller Rentals | FAQs

Airport Pickup/Return Information

Q: Will we see any Kingdom Strollers represented anywhere while in the airport and/or by the pickup/return location? (i.e. pictures, logos, signs, posters, etc…)
A: No. Only Wrap N’ Fly will be shown within the airport and at the Wrap N’ Fly desk location on the 1st level of Terminal A, near the USO lounge. Please follow airport signage for the USO lounge to guide you. Please ask for the Wrap ‘n Fly counter if you need assistance finding your way.

Q: Will be be meeting with anyone during a pickup and/or return at MCO?
A: While picking up your stroller(s) at the Wrap N’ Fly, you will be helped by Kenny, Darren, Mimi, or Rocky. Please use your family name when picking up your delivered rental.

During the return process, you can just leave the stroller by their desk, or tell a member of the Wrap N’ Fly team and they will gladly take it for you.

Q: Will there be any brand representation by the Wrap N’ Fly?
A: You will not see Kingdom Strollers banners, logos, or any other brand representation at the Wrap N’ Fly location.

Q: Where is the Wrap N’ Fly and what does it look like?
A: Below, we have attached a map of Orlando (MCO) International Airport, which includes the logo and approximate location of Wrap N’ Fly.

Their Logo Looks like this: