Help & FAQs

Did you hire more people to implement the changes?

Answer: Yes, we hired several more drivers, acquired more vehicles, and hired additional team members. Our goal is and always will be to make our guests have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Can another member of our party pick up our stroller?

Answer: Yes, as long as you know the family/tag name associated with your rental.

Where do you get them (the strollers) now?

Answer: We cycle through new strollers of premium models regularly to prevent our guests from receiving overused products.

What are you drop off and pick up times? Do they vary by resort?

Answer: Our delivery and pickup times do currently have delivery and return times that vary based on location/resort. If you are not staying in a Disney Resort, we do not need to meet with you face to face. Your rental will be delivered and waiting for you prior to your arrival.

If you do stay at a Disney Resort, then we will have times associated with your resort. Our drop off and return times will display during the reservation process.

What is the size/weight/height limit for X stroller?


The Summit X3 Single is good for kids up to 48 inches tall and 70lbs.

The Summit X3 Double is good for kids up to 48 inches tall and 50lbs per side.

Each of our product reservation pages displays the dimensions and limitations of the strollers. You can also view our videos to help determine which stroller best fits your needs. If you have a question about which stroller to use in your situation, please feel free to email and he will be happy to assist you.

What stroller do you suggest for a tall child?

Answer: For taller children, we recommend the Bob Single. It has footrest area so they can elevate their legs. It also handles the weight the best. It can hold a little over 70lbs if needed, but we recommend around 70lbs.

It is saying that the stroller is sold out (Availability Check Tool on desktop only?)

Answer: If the availability checker is saying “sold out” or “unavailable” that just means that the specific stroller model you are choosing is fully booked during the dates/times you provided. Try checking the availability for 1 day earlier for delivery or 1 day later for return to see if there is some open availability.

If you have any questions about availability, please send us over the dates you will need for delivery and return, along with the product(s) you want to rent, and we will be happy to assist you.

The wheels (or something else) are faulty. What do I do?

Answer: Contact us immediately by phone (407) 271-5301 or email with the issue. We will contact you back as soon as humanly possible so we can schedule a time for a replacement to be delivered to you or dropped off for you depending on your location.

Your happiness is our first priority.

Where can I return my stroller?

Answer: The return process depends on the location. If you are staying on Disney property, then we will need to meet with you face to face. We have several times available in the morning and afternoon for each Disney location. Soon we will also have a flexible mid day delivery/return schedule. We will announce more about this by 1-15-2019.

If you are not staying on Disney property, then you will not need to meet with us face to face.

We also have airport drop off and pickup available starting 1-8-2019 which could be the most convenient option for those taking the Disney Magic Express from within the airport prior to their Disney World vacation!

Our return and delivery process is very simple. We have multiple reminders (both SMS Text and Email) that will be sent to our guests during the week leading up to their delivery. We also provide a 24 hour return reminder that includes directions of where to go and what to do. This makes the process smoother for everyone and eliminates any confusion.

Can I rent a stroller while already on my trip?

Answer: Absolutely. Many of our guests do! We always recommend booking your reservations as far out as possible, but if a last minute rental is needed, please reach out to us by phone or email, or, go through our website and book for the next day.

Where is my stroller? Can you look up my order number?

Answer: Yes we can always look up your order as long as you have your order confirmation number provided to your in your confirmation email and the name associated with the reservation.

If you’re having a hard time finding the stroller, please check the luggage desk first. If you are meeting with us in person for delivery, you will receive a text message to let you know when our driver is en route and only a few minutes away.

If it’s a more complicated situation or you need immediate assistance, please email or call us (407) 271-5301 if you have any issues finding your stroller.

Do you have wagons?

Answer: No, we do not rent any wagons. Wagons aren’t allowed at Disney Parks.

Do you have the Keenz wagon?
Answer: No, we do not. We have tested Keenz Wagons in the past and while it’s a great product, it is not suitable for a rental item. There are parts that are liable to break and they aren’t a replaceable part. There was also issues with rusting and wheels locking in place.

Why not?
Answer: Many places like theme parks discourage the use of “pull” style wagons/strollers. That is one of the main reasons why we only rent “push” style strollers.

Why don’t you have wagons?

Answer: Wagons aren’t allowed at Disney Parks and also for all the reasons stated above.

How far ahead should I reserve?

Answer: We typically suggest to reserve as far out as possible. As soon as you book your hotels, we encourage that you also reserve your stroller(s).

There are parts of the year where we do book fully. We could book up as far in advance as a few weeks prior to a guest visiting.

Spring and Fall through Christmas time are peak rental seasons for us.

What if I am starting my vacation at one resort but ending up at another?

Answer: We deliver to your starting location and pickup from your return location. As long as both locations are listed as areas we service, we will be there.

Do you offer discounts for booking multiple strollers?

Answer: Yes we do, when you book 2 or more items through the website, we automatically apply a 10% discount for you.

Do you offer stroller rentals for influencers for review?

Answer: Yes we do. To see if you meet our criteria, please reach out to our Marketing Director, Tommy ( with any kits and questions you have.

You can also sign up for our affiliate program here if you want to get the ball rolling and start earning 15% commissions on your referrals.

Do you do offer sponsorships to influencers?

Answer: Yes we do. Please reach out to to see if you qualify and we can discuss the possibility and any arrangements necessary.

Which DOUBLE has the most storage? How much will fit?

All doubles have about the same amount of storage. The Bob’s storage is easier to access, but they all hold the same amount of storage.

I know it says 100 lbs, but what if one child is 40 lbs and one child is 60 lbs?

Answer: That should work. We would recommend the Bob if you have an uneven weight like this. Otherwise, all the other doubles are a 50lb per side limit.

You can’t go 70/30 even with the Bob models. It isn’t built for that.

Should I rent a double for space even if I have one child?

Answer: You can, it’s always good to have extra storage. As long as the weight is 50lbs or less for each side, then you shouldn’t have issues based on weight distribution.

What if the tire or stroller breaks?

Answer: Contact us immediately and we will make arrangements with you to deliver you another stroller as quickly as possible.

How do I know where you will deliver or if I am too far from the delivery zone? Can I pick it up somewhere else?

Answer: You can pick up from our warehouse.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to see if any special arrangements can be made.